Yearly Cleanup and Minimizing

This year I’m instituting a short sabbatical for the blog. I need about two months (from now until 1 November) to clean up the blog and update older entries. Some entries I’m not proud of their quality, others have broken links or unseeable pictures, and still others have something that needs updated with fresh info or better sourcing.

Regarding entries that will be deleted because of their quality: these posts just don’t live up to the standard of quality that should be on the blog, while others are recipes or posts that simply don’t work out very well after these three or four years I’ve been blogging here. Other entries will not be deleted, but instead will be updated with a cohesive writing style and new photos. Some links will be fixed or updated. The tags will change yet again. Categories and pages will be cleaned up and updated. The Flickr will be totally cleared out and refilled with new photos.

This is to give people coming here from the Etsy and social media better ease of use and to help older followers and readers find what they need easier. It’ll be a relatively short break, but once it’s all done we will be back in full force and we’ll even be doing some other projects to enhance your experience.

When all is said and done I look forward to seeing y’all regularly again! I’m going to have so much fun updating things and posting brand-new (instead of rehashed) content for everyone. :)

Much love y’all!



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