Changes and Soap News

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I’ve made a few changes around here!

I’ve restructured the blog and added a sister site. will no longer cover recipes and homesteading, but instead will deal primarily with cosmetics, soap, diy beauty, and updates about the soap company. I’ve moved all posts about recipes and homesteading to the sister page The Hippie Home.

This streamlines the user experience for y’all and allows everyone to easily find what they need on the site without having to slog through a ton of posts you don’t need. It also allows me to branch out the posts into relevant topics and I can stagger posts each week. I think this works MUCH better for everyone and I’m sure everyone will find their experience much more enjoyable overall.

As for news about the company, I’m trying a few new things with the products. Molding soap like fondant is a super popular technique that I really want to implement with this season’s soaps, and the use of embeds will continue to be experimented with. I expect everything to be up on the store this weekend, so look out for new things!

And speaking of new things, I’m on the verge of finishing the new look for the site! There will be a home page soon, and new content as well as editing and republishing of the old content. There’s not much left over from moving all the food and household posts, but it’s okay because I’ll have all new stuff up twice a week now!


Let me know!

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