New Listings for Autumn 2016!

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The Autumn 2016 line was released yesterday! I tried some new techniques that I’ve seen floating around on Instagram for a while with this line, along with scrumptious Autumn-worthy scents. Hand-cut embeds, hand-molded details, and some rather challenging techniques went into these three additions, and already people on Etsy are showing a lot of love for our WHAT PUMPKIN? offering this year! But on the Instagram side of things, we’re seeing much excitement for APPLE ACRES, and Facebook is going gaga over BRYNN’S BREW.

It’s going to come down to a battle of the scents this time guys! Which do you pick: WHAT PUMPKIN? with its rich pumpkin pie spice fragrance or APPLE ACRES with its crisp spiced cider? Or maybe you’re more of a chocolate espresso BRYNN’S BREW fan! Whichever you pick, I guarantee that the bar will be skin-loving, cute, scrumptious-smelling, and (most importantly) cleansing without being drying. So click on the Soap Company link in the top menu and pick up your favorite before it’s all gone!


Let me know!

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