Store News: Winter Line, Cyber Monday, Holiday Giftsets, and New Year’s Clearance

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Firstly, I want to remind everyone that it’s important to read Etsy Shop Policies and any FAQ’s they may have before ordering. Etsy has this written in their Terms of Service, so to not do so and then message the shop repeatedly with a question already answered violates Etsy ToS. I and other shop owners have noticed this issue cropping up recently, and I am taking a proactive step and reminding all customers that come to or purchase from my shop of this policy.

Speaking of which, I’m currently making changes to shop policy, as well as shipping prices and packaging! So if you want to find out about that, check the shop.

Like most sellers, November and December are both set to be our busiest months. Oils need ordered, three brand new soap loafs need designed/mixed/poured/cut/cured for the winter line, preparations for big holiday sales need made, and (since our Summer US Only Shop was a huge success) we have to pack our stock up and travel to the US where we’ll be a US exclusive shop until our return to Belgium. I’m already prepping even though it’s October!

Preparations include purchasing the nine oils that will be used to make this year’s three LE soaps for the Winter 2016 Line, designing the soap itself, and then mixing/pouring/cutting. These will be put up 21 November at 7:30 AM CET, and will be ready to purchase in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As well, I’ll be rolling out our coupon code for the weekend so you can get rock-bottom prices and we can clear out our inventory for the end of the year.

Depending on how well we do on that weekend, whatever stock doesn’t sell will be coming with us to the US for the week of Christmas. We won’t be shipping on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, so I suggest ordering the weekend before to ensure we get it sent right away. We will be offering Yuletide gift sets (all three winter line bars for a greatly reduced price!) for US residents only, up until New Year’s.

New Year’s will be our final push to sell all our inventory before leaving the US. A HUGE clearance sale will occur the week of 26 December lasting until 02 January the following Monday. Any stock that is left from the previous two months MUST go! When we return to Belgium we will then proceed to restock and reopen for the 2017 year with NEW designs for your favorite products and NEW products for the Spring 2017 line, which will be launched 01 March after the festivities of Tết Nguyên Đán and the beginning of the Belgian spring.

I am SO excited for everything to happen, and I wanted to share with you our game plan for the latter half of the year so you could share in our excitement! Everything we do here is for the benefit of our customers, so I hope to see y’all snap up all the goodies in my shop in time for your holidays.


Let me know!

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