Hippie Reviews: Geek Chic Cosmetics

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DISCLAIMER: All products shown were not given to me. I did not receive payment or compensation for this review. All products shown were paid for out of my own pocket. All items are reviewed honestly.

So I know I’ve mentioned this brand before, WAAAAAAAY back at the beginning of this blog’s lifetime. Nowadays I’m a lot more savvy at blogging, so I decided a proper review is in order for one of the best ever indie makeup brands, Geek Chic Cosmetics. Since i have never bought their primer before, I decided to pick that up and review it, as well as some of the colors I’ve never bought before.

Why do I love GCC so much? First off, the colors are gorgeous and geeky; GCC makes colors based on our favorite television, book, movie, game, and anime franchises and the shadows are highly pigmented and flattering. Second, the price is outstanding; I’m sorry to those who love Shiro Cosmetics, but GCC makes products just as great but for a much better price per gram. Third, the amount you get in each loose shadow is 5 grams, which is a bargain for the $5.99 USD price tag! Fourth, the customer service is fantastic. I usually end up getting Phil, who is super helpful and sweet no matter when I email or what I’m talking about. Fifth, the packaging is so cute, and even if (like me) you press your powders you still probably wouldn’t mind just keeping the sifter jar instead. Sixth, the variety; there’s tons of colors to choose from, with new monthly exclusives released regularly. There’s also a BUNCH of other things you can get: lipstick, gloss, balm, lotion, fragrances, and at one point they even did nail polish!

So yeah, I have LOTS of reasons to love Geek Chic Cosmetics. But enough gushing, on to the pictures and review!

First, let’s talk packaging.

Shipping PackagingThe order is shipped in the sifter jars, which are placed in a baggie and then into a bubble wrap envelope with their business card. Everything comes to you absolutely pristine, even if you’re about 5093 miles from their base in Cornelius, Oregon like I am! Turnaround is about 10 days right now (more during major shopping days) but if you contact them through email they can give you an ETA or push your order through as fast as they can if you’re only in your location for a short time (thanks Phil for that when we were visiting the US!)

The sifter jars hold 5 grams, as mentioned. They also have the CUTEST sticker art for each collection and very thorough labeling on the bottom of the jar. Beware that the label’s ink WILL run when it gets wet, but I honestly don’t mind.

PackagingThis is honestly my SECOND order from them: I didn’t have pictures of the first order and so this is the second order that I have packaging pictures for. But the packaging is the same across the board.

Shadows and Primer

Pictured from left to right: GCC Doof Riff (Fury Collection), Exterminate! (Timey Wimey Collection), Power Up Primer, One Ring (Single Player Collection), Baby (Superneutrals Collection), Angel of Thursday (Superneutrals Collection), Sellsword (Win or Die Collection), Newb (Single Player Collection)

I pressed my powders into pans for my palette (I am obviously not great at it!) and I have to say it presses pretty well. It can crack a bit when it dries but I don’t worry too much about that since it’s really not made to be pressed.

I swatched each shadow,  half on bare skin that had been cleansed and moisturized and half on the same treated skin with the Power Up Primer applied.

Color swatch of GCC eyeshadows, primer and no primer.

From top: Baby, Sellsword, Doof Riff, Exterminate!, One Ring, Angel of Thursday, Newb

I have to say that the primer actually really rocks! The picture doesn’t do it justice, it really makes the shadow stick and the colors pop. The colors are great on bare skin alone, but the primer brings out the hidden colors mentioned on the site, which skin just doesn’t do. Power Up Primer also does a great job of NOT smearing or rubbing off too; I actually have some difficulty blending out my shadow sometimes because it sticks so well.

As for the shadows, I’ve used their shadow in the past and it’s great stuff. The founder, like me, has very sensitive skin that is allergic to most chemicals in conventional makeup. It’s also vegan and cruelty free, which is great! As for the colors, here’s my opinion on each one:

Baby Site Description: “Baby is a semi-matte, deep toned black with very little shimmer. Makes a fantastic eyeliner and crease color.”

Verdict: I would say this is by far my perfect matte black. There’s practically no shimmer to it, which is great because I’m more of a matte kind of girl. This is a perfect basic black shadow, and I usually pair it with gray or beige for sultry eyes.

Sellsword Site Description: “Deceptively simple and versatile, Sellsword is a smooth matte the colour of milk chocolate. Endlessly adaptable and all manner of useful, provided it doesn’t get a better offer.”

Verdict: Another perfect matte shadow! Again, hardly any shimmer, and a perfect basic brown for smoky eyes and daily wear.

Doof Riff Site Description: “Doof Riff is a rich rusted red based matte shadow with a strong gold metallic sheen. This duo chrome beauty is very versatile and can be used to accent a Fall-toned smokey eye. Door Riff contains metal alloy so please use caution if you have any metal sensitivities. Door Riff is lip safe and would look glamorous mixed with some clear gloss.”

Verdict: Very close to the truth. It’s almost burgundy when used over primer, and it has a lovely gold and bronze shimmer to it. I bought this as a bronze-y red for autumnal makeup, and it’s perfect!

Exterminate! Site Description: “They might be all flashy and primary coloured now, but we remember Dalekanium as this rich coppery bronze, metallic and shining with its power restored, with a scattering of red sparkles as tribute to the new paradigm, and the Supreme Dalek.”

Verdict: Spot on! I love this copper because it shimmers without being glittery. It’s a beautiful shade when paired with gold or Doof Riff, and I could not be happier.

One Ring Site Description: “True gold, full of golden sparkle and shimmer.”

Verdict: If you love glitter, then look no further because this is very much a glitter shadow! While I normally hate glitter (it tends to get in my eyes) I love this gold patted over a copper or over Doof Riff, and if you’re using the Power Up Primer under it at all then it’s not going anywhere. It’s definitely a sometimes-shadow for me, though. I’m not one for gold glitter shadow for everyday.

Angel of Thursday Site Description: “Angel of Thursday is a velvety greyed-taupe with a soft copper heat and subtle shimmer.”

Verdict: Subtle is right! This is a great basic gray/silver shimmer. I’m not getting any taupe out of the color, though that could be my skin tone. But I do get the slight copper shimmer! It gives the color a little depth, and it’s a great color for vampy eyes.

Newb Site Description: “Newb is an almost matte pearl nude color. Newb is incredibly versatile and is a must have color. It has good coverage, you can swipe it on sheer or pack it on to build up opacity. It makes the perfect brow line highlight for almost every skin tone and is perfect for the natural look! You can even put a little on a kabuki/bushy brush and brush it on over your foundation to create a soft pearly glow on your skin!”

Verdict: Brb screaming. But seriously, WOW! It’s a beautiful matte nude that has a subtle highlight effect on my olive skin. It’s DEFINITELY a must-have color, it goes with everything and looks great whether it’s day or night. I LOVE this shadow and I’m half-convinced I need to stockpile it, just in case.

I’ve taken three looks I use most often with these colors, just to show you what they’re like on the lid. I admit, I DID airbrush my brows a bit…hey, I’m terrible at remembering to pluck, okay!

Look 1

Lid: GCC Exterminate! Crease: GCC Doof Riff Overlay: GCC One Ring Liner: Tarte Amazonian Clay Gel Liner

Look 2

Lid: GCC Angel of Thursday Crease: GCC Baby Liner: Tarte Amazonian Clay Gel Liner

Look 3

Lid: GCC Newb Crease: GCC Sellsword Liner: Tarte Amazonian Clay Gel Liner







Just…yes! All my yes! They’re just gorgeous shadows, very nice for everyday or for glamorous occasions. And the primer is great stuff, just makes everything stick and stay put. I can’t be more pleased. Geek Chic Cosmetics has never ONCE failed me or let me down, and I highly recommend you go to their site today!


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