The Best Soaps for Beginner Hippie Chicks

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Not everyone can make soap from home. Not everyone sees the appeal of buying handmade soap for $5 a pop online either. Some people have busy lives or just want an easy way to switch from the chemical-laden “beauty bars” that advertisers push on us.

For those who are a part of the above, this post is for you!

Before I moved out of my family’s house I bought all of the bars I’m going to show you today. Each one has its merits and comes in different price points. All are made with natural ingredients (or are mostly natural). And most of them are decades old companies that are highly trusted. You can find them all in the grocery store easily, and there’s no need to look online. Anyone can cut out some of the toxic items from their home, and the easiest way is with a bar of soap.

  1. Ivory Soap – Proctor and Gamble

This first bar is the cheapest brand on the list. The oldest and biggest selling point? Ivory floats in bathwater. Ivory has been around since the Victorian era and typically comes in multipacks of three or ten. These packs are usually very inexpensive (they cost $4.47 for a ten-pack in Texas) and are made with tallow (not good for vegans). They also contain fragrance so if you are sensitive to that this may not be for you. For the average joe, it’s a great product to switch to. And for those switching out laundry detergent too, there’s an interesting phenomenon when you put a bar in the microwave: the soap will puff up like a cloud when microwaved, and then can be crumbled into flakes for powder laundry detergent!

2. Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One Soaps

Dr. Bronner’s is the youngest on this list, only having been established in the latter half of the 20th century. However, this brand is awesome because they come in an obnoxious amount of scents, contain no animal fats, and their fragrances are pthalate free and organic in origin. They’re more expensive than Ivory ($3.19 per bar in Texas) but the variety means there’s a bar for everyone and it’s more like the normal beauty bars you’re probably used to getting. And if you’re into that sort of thing, the company supports fair pay, social change, and fair trade.

3. Kirk’s Coco Castile Soap

Kirk’s is about the same age as Ivory, having been established in the Victoria era. Kirk’s is basically the same as Dr. Bronner’s but the difference is that Kirk’s is unscented and 100% coconut oil-based. It costs about the same as well. This is a soap highly recommended by This Victorian Life!

4. Grandpa’s brand

Another company from yesteryear, this company makes the famous Pine Tar Wonder Soap (that I still use to wash my hair!) and has a small number of scented milled soaps. 100% natural and made with a very short list of ingredients, Grandpa’s makes a wonderful product that gets the job done and is perfect for the budding natural product user. It can be pricy, but the bars last forever; I still have a bar from a year ago that I use.


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