How to Wash Your Hair With Bar Soap

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I apologize for the skipped post, but as it was Election Day I decided that I could afford to skip a day and instead watch the excitement and make predictions. But today I’m back, and I wanted to cover something a lot of first-time Hippie Chicks have difficulty with: switching from conventional shampoo to a natural shampoo bar.

Washing your hair with bar soap is one of those things that sounds like it should be straightforward, but really isn’t. Since I sell such a bar in my shop (with plans to add two more for other hair types!) I figured I should inform buyers how to use the things.

In reality, it can be difficult to figure out how to do it. Do you rub your wet hair with the bar itself? Lather in your hands and then rub into wet hair? Should your hair be wet at all to begin with? The method I have chosen truly gets one’s hair clean, and doesn’t leave residue or buildup in the hair. Used in this manner, a shampoo bar can be just as (if not more) effective at cleansing your hair than normal shampoo.

This may sound kind of backwards, but bar shampoo is actually more effective if you rub the soap in your hands, then apply the lather to DRY hair and then wet and lather as normal. If hair is very greasy, you can then re-lather with more soap on the wet hair. This way the soap can bond with the oil and dirt on your scalp easily, and then the water can wash it away.

This is the method that cosmetologists say you absolutely must use with normal shampoo after a hot oil treatment, and the logic is sound. Putting water on the hair and then adding soap doesn’t allow the soap to get to the oils on the hair. Instead, the hydrophobic oil just makes the soapy water slide off and down the drain. So by applying soap directly to the oil and THEN adding water, you allow the molecules of the soap to latch onto the oil and then latch onto the water molecules, which then the oil washes off the hair and down the drain.

If you don’t believe this method works, you can see it happen on any greasy dish. If you apply the soap directly to the grease on the dish and then add water, it’s easier to scrub the grease off. So it’s a highly effective way to wash your hair.

I used to wet my hair, lather the soap in my hands, and then lather my hair but it caused buildup and sometimes didn’t get my hair clean. I switched to doing this method last month and my hair is finally clean! Even if I do happen to get a little buildup (or I just feel my hair needs some shine) I just rinse with diluted vinegar.

So when using my shampoo bars or any other bar soap for hair washing, try this method and change your life! Trust me when I say it’s a game changer. Those who complain about greasy hair with castile soap usually are not having success because they’re doing the wet-lather-rinse method, so if you’re one of those people try it this way and see the difference!


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