The store is once again in US ONLY shipping mode and will be that way until 10 January. We have a coupon code going on for 25% off your whole order (use MERRYJINGLY2016 at checkout) and we have both the Autumn Line and the Winter Line available as a three-pack for just $14!

We do this twice a year to get rid of old stock and allow US customers to easily experience our products. Since we go to visit family twice a year we decided to also bring over limited quantities of our stock, and it’s been successful so far. Hippie Stink Soap Co. is dedicated to providing affordable natural and organic products to customers, and this is one way we do that!

Around New Year’s look for a BLOWOUT sale to move out the last bits of stock and get them outta here! All soaps will be marked WAAAAY down, and I might do a box deal where you get six bars in a flat rate box for a lower bulk price depending on how much I have left. We need to clean out so we can reformulate and redesign for 2017! New products, new looks, and better recipes with the same great essential oils and natural colorants.

Everything begins to be shipped out Thursday afternoon, so order now so I can ship them out immediately!


Let me know!

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