Spring 2017 Announcement!

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Well I promised this post a while back but then New Year happened and it went on the backburner. BUT NOW IT’S HERE!

The Spring Line this year is an attempt to slowly phase out mica/oxides and fragrance oils in the shop. I viewed it as a nice challenge for myself, a way to push myself. So these bars are a departure that leads to more use of only good stuff and no risk of reactions (unless you’re actually allergic to the plants I use the oils of!)

First up is Honey Bee, a bar that shows off the fruit of the honeybee’s labor. This bar is formulated with handmade organic oatmeal milk and beeswax melted in with the oils, with a touch of honey added to the mix for its humectant qualities. These are super gentle bars, skin-loving and perfect for sensitive skin!

Next is Irish Song, which is a green marbled confection featuring rose geranium, rosemary, and lemongrass essential oils! A great mimic of a popular men’s soap, this scent is unisex and delightfully fresh and clean.

Finally, we have the classic Flower Power, reformulated! Lavender and mint essential oils are featured in this beautiful soap, which features white and pink color blocking with pencil lines of Australian Red Reef Clay. The clay colorants have the benefit of making this bar hard and long lasting, as well as cleansing and perfect for shaving. A true all-in-one bar!

So that’s the new line! I’ll have pictures once I finish Irish Song, I can’t wait for everyone to see them and I’m trying some really new and out-of-the-box ideas compared to what you may have seen from me in the past. I’ve been testing Honey Bee and it’s so creamy and nice, while Flower Power is a treat for the eyes and the nose! I’ll keep y’all updated, so until next time!


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