Whipped Healing Foot Salve

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Whipped Healing Foot Salve

So this is actually a really old recipe that I’ve never shared because I wanted to be absolutely sure it worked before I posted it. After about a year and a half of using it I finally feel comfortable sharing it with y’all!

I made this salve to help with two issues: I had horribly cracked and peeling skin on my feet, and I was having trouble sleeping some nights. So this salve was formulated to fix those issues, and while it worked it was difficult to use just from melting everything together. It wasn’t until I saw another recipe for whipped body butter using similar ingredients that a lightbulb went off and I tried whipping the salve. It’s fantastic now! Whipping the salve makes it easier to use and prevents it from getting too hard to spread smoothly on the skin.

You need:

  • 15g Beeswax
  • 30g Avocado butter
  • 15g Jojoba oil
  • 15g Hemp seed oil
  • 30 drops Tea tree essential oil (antibacterial)
  • 30 drops Oregano essential oil (antioxidant)
  • 30 drops Peaceful Sleep EO blend (from NOW Foods, for relaxation)

In a double broiler melt the beeswax, oils, and avocado butter together. Take off the heat and allow to cool until just barely set. With a hand mixer (using beater attachments) beat the salve on high until stiff peaks form (scraping down the sides as needed), then blend in essential oils. Scrape down the sides and scoop into a glass jar and store with the lid tightly sealed.


SUPER easy! At night I rub the salve generously on my feet and put on socks to seal in the salve. I have completely healed cracked soles with this salve, and Peaceful Sleep works really well to help you relax and fall asleep quickly.

This salve isn’t only for feet either, you can use it on ANY dry, cracked skin to heal it and moisturize. I use it on my hands during the winter and on dry skin whenever it crops up. It’s miraculous stuff, and even when it’s super cold the salve is still spreadable. If it melts, you can always let it firm up again and whip it with your hand mixer to get the texture back. I made a huge batch of this and I still have half the jar left. Since there’s no water in it it’ll last quite a while and the oils haven’t even gotten rancid even over a year later!


Let me know!

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