New Soaps for Summer 2017

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I’m hard at work formulating and designing the summer line for 2017. The essential oils are ordered, and I need to buy the main soaping oils. One of my molds is broken, so I’m repairing those while I wait for my EOs to come in. The summer line is due to be VERY colorful with papaya pinks, fuchsia, oranges, yellows, and cool greens being featured and I’m experimenting with color blocking and rich swirls.

I have a month to create the three bars for the line, but I wanted to let everyone know the scent profiles I plan on going with!

The first is a classic that I’ve been trying to recreate for a while now: rich coconut blended with herbaceous verbena and bright lime. I love the scent but haven’t been able to indulge in my love for it in years. I plan on using actual coconut water instead of distilled water in this bar, which will mean extra sugars that boost the lather considerably!

The second is an interesting blend of sunny orange with juicy lychee and refreshing green tea. This blend is meant to evoke more of a spa feeling, and the addition of matcha powder in one layer and a painting of matcha and yellow Moroccan clay on top will make this bar super luxurious and nourishing.

The final planned soap is another classic blend that I have tweaked to make it more scrumptious: juicy pineapple blended with lush mandarin and ripe mango. I love this blend (it was the first ever scent profile I ever wore) and I have yet to see it crop up again, so it will be my absolute pleasure to bring this to the table in this year’s summer offerings.

In all I can’t wait to get started and show off to y’all! Until next time then.


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