Simple Fixes for the First Trimester

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Congrats! You’re pregnant! If you’re like most women, this first trimester comes with nausea/vomiting, back pain, breast pain, acne/dry skin, and major fatigue. It can be SO awful for first-time moms, and most of the info out there isn’t helpful or is super overwhelming.

I totally feel ya. I’m nearly out of my first trimester and I can tell you it feels never-ending. So to help a sister out, I’ve compiled a list of fixes and tricks that absolutely WILL make things a lot easier! I’ve done every one of these things and they have saved my sanity instantly. The best part is, these are all perfectly healthy and natural fixes!

  1. Breast pain? Buy bra extenders and invest in gel packs.

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When I started getting breast pain, not only did I shoot up a cup size but I got breasts so tender I literally cried out in pain just brushing against them. It HURTS. So the very first thing I decided to do was get a gel pack that I can heat up in the microwave to soothe the pain and I bought some bra extenders that would help take the pressure off my breasts. RELIEF! Bra extenders work by simply hooking onto your existing bra’s furthest loops, providing more loops to hook onto and extending the band size. It absolutely works to relieve the pressure you get from your bra holding in everything, which brings pretty instant relief. The warm gel pads work the same way a wet, hot towel works during breast feeding and really soothes away the pain. These two items will completely return your breasts to their normal sensitivity, I promise!

2. Back pain? Try thermal pillows and yoga.

Organic Cherry Stone Square Pillow $24.49 on Amazon (click image)

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Cherry stone pillows and exercise that emphasizes stretching are going to be your best friends right now. Cherry stone pillows are literally what they say they are: a pillow filled with cherry pits. You heat them in the microwave and lay them on your back to help soothe the sore muscles you’re going to have from pregnancy. This will be a great investment because the pain will not go away during pregnancy, so you’re bound to use this item over and over. Alternately, a hot water bottle works too. If you’re not already active normally, you’re going to want to set aside 20 minutes every day to do a gentle form of exercise which emphasizes stretching and strengthens the body. I use a free yoga app called Simply Yoga on my phone that has exercises lasting 20, 40, and 60 minutes. It’s great to get a gentle workout for the first trimester before your belly makes downward-facing poses uncomfortable and dangerous. Plus, the workout will help wake you up and ease your fatigue!

3. Nausea? Drink ginger and lemon tea and have a popsicle!

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YOU LAUGH BUT TRUST ME ON THIS. Popsicles WORK. We own a popsicle mold and I would freeze fruit juice and electrolyte drinks in them for days when the sight of solid food made my stomach turn. Since they’re ice, they aren’t as hard on the stomach as a solid piece of fruit would be and the sugars and vitamins in the juice actually help nourish you. Electrolyte pops help hydrate and replenish any salts you’ve lost. Ginger and lemon tea is a time-honored method to ease nausea, and it really does help. Ginger helps soothe the stomach lining while lemon helps balance out your stomach pH. Green tea is a low-caffeine tea that has antioxidant properties and tastes great with lemon and ginger. It also helps with your fatigue to pep you up!

4. Acne/dry skin? For acne exfoliate with a tea tree soap, and for dry skin use body butter.

Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Hemp Castile Soap $9.01 on Amazon

I have horrendous acne right now, which is not only on my face but on my chest and back too. The only way I have ever been able to fix this in the past was by using a loofah or sea sponge and scrubbing well with a tea tree soap. I use Dr. Bronner’s because you don’t need a lot, and their dilution rates make the tea tree essential oil perfectly safe for pregnancy. Natural sea sponges are easy to find on Etsy or Amazon, so just search one up and lather up!

Nature’s Gate Fragrance Free Sensitive Body Lotion 2 Pack $19.35 on Amazon

I also have really dry skin on my hands, arms, legs, feet, and belly. To fix this, I use a really awesome organic and fragrance-free lotion by Nature’s Gate. It’s super thick and creamy, with no added fragrances and truly miraculous moisturizing properties. Body butters work equally well, but I use this product even when I’m not pregnant and it works great!

Those are my top fixes for first trimester issues! Momming is hard work, and it’s not easy to sift through all that’s out there and find something that works. I really hope I was able to help fellow first-time moms out there, it’s worth the inconvenience when you hold your precious baby for the first time!


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