Why Is HS All Natural and Organic?

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Now that things are less hectic and more on-task, I find myself faced with having to defend my choices to go organic and natural with my Honeybee (who we find out the sex of Thursday!)

For some people, the choice to go natural is exactly that: a choice. They either don’t like the idea of a ton of actually toxic chemicals on their body, or are concerned about the environmental impact of what they do, or have a lifestyle choice that requires giving up conventional items (looking at you vegans and paleo/GF peeps)! And that’s perfectly fine. Great even!

But for some people, like those with Celiac or other autoimmune issues, it’s not a choice. It’s a change that MUST be made if they want to stay healthy. Longtime readers know that for me, my hypersensitive skin allergies make most commercial brands of cosmetics and body products impossible to use without painful hives. And with my brothers as evidence, it’s HIGHLY likely my child will inherit some of that sensitivity.

So for the safety of my child, I’m cloth diapering. For the safety of my child, I’ll either find the products my family knows works for babies or failing that I’ll make it myself.

In the end, it’s about making sure my baby is healthy. And the reason my company only uses the highest quality organic ingredients is because I’m dedicated to bringing that safety and peace of mind to others at a manageable price. I want other people to look at my labels and know that their soaps will cause them no harm and will do what they’re supposed to. So from my family to yours, we can all rest easy and stay healthy on this beautiful Earth.

What’s your reason to go natural? Let me know!


Let me know!

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