Hippie Reviews: GCC Joysticks Review

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DISCLAIMER: All products shown were not given to me. I did not receive payment or compensation for this review. All products shown were paid for out of my own pocket. All items are reviewed honestly.

So it’s been a while since I’ve done a review, and of course I had to review Geek Chic Cosmetics again. This time though, I’m reviewing their Joysticks line, which feature a stunning array of natural and not-so-natural colors for any type of makeup fan!

I’ve already gushed about this company before, but I want to reiterate how much I love that they put in the effort to craft cruelty-free products for their consumers and the sheer spectrum of amazing colors they have. In this review I have not only a stunning red and blush pink lippie for y’all, but also a rich velvety burgundy and a bright pop of blue! And that doesn’t even BEGIN to cover the colors they have available on their shop. And as always, they ship worldwide so you can be assured you can get their awesome products!

GCC Joysticks Review 1

The packaging for these lipsticks are an oval-shaped lip balm tube, with individually designed labels for every color. This means there’s a little bit of a learning curve with putting these colors on, but once you figure out how to do it it’s actually pretty easy to get crisp application! The tube shape is actually really brilliant, because it prevents the tube from just rolling away if you drop it. The lipsticks have a hand-poured look in the tube, something you should expect when you buy indie makeup. The top will not be perfectly smooth and uniform like regular brands unless the company uses an actual lipstick mold and tube. Even name brand lip balms look the way these lipsticks do in the tube.

GCC Joysticks Review 2

Top-Down: Newb, Once Bitten, Stay Classy, Time and Relative Dimension In Space

I swatched each lipstick on clean, moisturized skin with no primer or anything beneath in one coat. I also will have individual swatches of each color on lips at the end of the post, also with no primer and a thin amount of lip balm in one coat. The very first thing you notice when you apply is that the Joysticks have a rich, cupcake-y smell to them. It makes it very hard to refrain from licking your lips! But I did find that some colors (noticeably Stay Classy) don’t go on very pigmented in the first go around, and Joysticks can fade very quickly through regular eating and drinking. I think they could be improved with the addition of extra wax to make them last a little longer on the lips, or maybe consumers could just use the Power Up Primer underneath like you would with the eyeshadows. I did find that if you’re using a straw or eating with utensils the color will last fairly long. But if you’re eating sandwiches, finger foods, or drinking from the glass it will come off.

As for the colors themselves, here’s my opinion for each one:

Newb site description: Newb is a light, semi-opaque petal pink lip stick. Newb is lightly flavored with sweet buttercreme flavor. Newb goes on sheer for a soft touch of pearly pink.

Verdict: I actually find myself wearing this color more often than any other color on this post. The soft blush pink color really is the perfect neutral tone for me, which is really hard to find! For daily wear, the color is perfect: not too pearly or shimmery, creamy but not overly matte, and beautifully understated.

GCC Joysticks Review 3

Once Bitten site description: Once Bitten is our version of the “sexy” red that everyone should have. It’s an opaque, pearlescent, true red. It glides on velvety and smooth, and lasts forever. 

Verdict: This REALLY DOES last forever. The color is a rich true red, and goes on in one coat. It’s slightly too creamy to be matte but the color is a gorgeous lush red that is actually pretty hard to get off. It’s not pearlescent or shimmery either, just a simple classic red that everyone could wear and everyone should have!

GCC Joysticks Review 4

Stay Classy site description: Stay Classy is a velvety burgundy lipstick with a velvet-plush (and sexy!) finish. Unleash your inner sex panther with this hot lippie!

Verdict: I love this color on my lips. It’s a fantastic tone for autumn, a really rich and warm bronze-toned burgundy that works great for even cool-toned skin like mine. If you dab some of Once Bitten underneath this color you get a really knock-out oxblood that’s completely on-trend!

GCC Joysticks Review 5

Time And Relative Dimension In Space site description: Time And Relative Dimension In Space is lightly flavored with sweet buttercreme flavor. It is a semi-opaque bold, deep navy blue creme lipstick that can easily be built up to full opacity. Due to the pigment load in this lipstick it may cause light staining.

Verdict: This, like Once Bitten, really DOES last a long time. It’s pretty opaque from the get-go and has a really beautiful pearlescent sheen to it. It does stain, but I often find I don’t need more than one coat to get great color payoff. It’s not a color I wear every day, but for days where I want something really unusual I reach for this color!

GCC Joysticks Review 6

Once again, some GREAT products from GCC and I am so happy with what they’ve come up with. I’m the kind of girl who just doesn’t feel ready to leave the house without some lipstick, and Joysticks fit the bill 100%! I highly recommend you go out and buy a couple today!


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