DIY Cloth Diaper Ointment

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Diaper Rash Ointment recipe

I actually don’t remember a time my mother ever used anything but baby powder on our diaper rashes. Certainly I knew diaper creams were used for the purpose, but it just never seemed to be a part of my mother’s diaper bag supplies! However, being the kind of person who always likes to be prepared, I wanted to get some for just in case. However, Europe has a really bad habit of adding perfumes to legitimately everything, which makes it really hard to avoid offensive fragrances or things that irritate mine (and baby’s!) sensitive skin.

So what’s a mama to do??? Obviously (knowing that I don’t have a lot of choice) the only answer I could come up with was to make my own baby lotions, powders, and yes diaper ointment. Adding in my commitment to cloth diapering, I set out to deconstruct some of the best brands of cloth-friendly diaper cream on the market, which led me to this recipe! It’s more of an ointment, similar to Tiger Balm or Burt’s Res-Q Ointment, but you don’t need a lot to put a barrier against baby’s skin and it doesn’t contain zinc or petroleum which can cause repelling in cloth diapers. I used the Grovia Magic Stick and Angel Baby Bottom Balm as references for my recipe, and tweaked it to use what I have on hand that I know is excellent for healing and disinfecting rashes on the skin.

You need:

  • 5g kokum butter
  • 5g mango butter
  • 5g avocado butter
  • 5g coconut oil (can also use cocoa butter)
  • 5g beeswax (you can use candelilla wax for a vegan option)
  • 5 drops sea buckthorn essential oil
  • 5 drops tea tree essential oil
  • small tin or jar (I used a 20ml lip balm tin)

In a small Pyrex measuring cup melt together the butters, coconut oil, and beeswax until fully melted. Stir gently to fully combine and cool for about 1 minute.

Prepare your tin by dropping in your essential oils. Stir your oil and wax mixture again before pouring into the container with the oils. This will combine the essential oils with the mixture sufficiently. If mixture has hardened, melt on low heat until just liquid before pouring.

Allow the tin to set at room temperature until ointment is hardened. Store in diaper bag or in drawer away from sunlight when not in use.

Sea buckthorn oil is used in a lot of anti-aging cosmetics to help repair damaged skin and promote cellular regrowth. Tea tree oil is antibacterial and astringent, which means it disinfects the skin and keeps it dry. The butters all are nourishing and help regulate the natural sebum in baby’s skin, while the beeswax creates a protective barrier against excess moisture.

This makes a rather small batch, but you only need a very small amount (just enough to swipe baby’s bottom with an even layer) to get the job done! Adding a thin sprinkling of powder atop the ointment will help keep baby dry. While a lot of parents say cloth diapers don’t give babies rashes, the truth is that rashes are inevitable in some shape or form with babies. I’d rather rest easy knowing I have what I need than find out that I need and don’t have!


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