Dispatch: Sale and Renaming

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We have a grand total of THREE AND A HALF MONTHS before the Homestead picks up and moves to our hopeful forever home in the Flemish countryside village where my husband grew up. Because of that, posting had been at a minimum, but now I’m back to a normal schedule and able to post what this means for Hippie Stink Soap Co.

We’re going to have a clearance sale for some of the limited edition soaps! 15% off will be available for anyone who buys three bars of any of our limited edition soaps (Therapy and Valentino). This allows me to greatly reduce my stock of these bars and restock with new limited edition soaps. I have some great plans for July, so I hope everyone buys lots of soaps!

Additionally, I’m changing the name of our tallow bars again. I still feel like the name is too long, and I’m working on giving soaps easy punchy names to make it a little easier for people to remember the soaps they like! I try to keep names under three words, but sometimes even two words is too many. So from now on, the tallow soap will go by PURE.

So what’s in store for July? Well I have a LUSH dupe that I’m working on, as well as a shaving soap due to be released (I actually made it a couple months ago but I wanted to be SUPER SURE that it would have time to cure and harden up!) and a men’s soap I want to make and release. The men’s soap and the shave soap both have classic man-smells, scents I’m sure everyone will know who has ever been interested in shaving and grooming like their grandfather used to. The shave soap will be a Signature Line soap, so don’t expect it to go away any time soon. The men’s soap is a limited edition though, so you’ll want to snap it up when you can.

In all I’ll be posting again next week, this time a review on LUSH hair products I’m using. Tune in next week for a good time. :)


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