Hippie Reviews: LUSH Haircare

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DISCLAIMER: All products shown were not given to me. I did not receive payment or compensation for this review. All products shown were paid for out of my own pocket. All items are reviewed honestly.

I know I don’t have much nice to say about LUSH’s soaps. I really feel that LUSH dropped the ball in that department, at least where their European market is concerned. A lot of people shout “green-washing” about LUSH products and I honestly used to be one of them. But when Honeybee (my son) was born, I noticed that my hands developed a horrible peeling rash and my hair was still falling out long past the point where it should have stopped. I was thinning along my hairline like a 60 year old man. And when that happens, you turn to products that work.

LUSH shampoo bars WORK, y’all! I bought New, Seanik, and Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bars, as well as two little travel tins for when I travel (something I’ve cut back on but still do a lot of). I’ll be reviewing each bar individually and rating their effectiveness 1-5. I’ll also post the description from the website and my own personal impressions of the product.

NEW: “When stress or life goes to your head and your hair starts thinning, motivate your tired scalp with stimulating clove and cinnamon oils and a peppermint infusion. This spicy bar also has rosemary and nettles to soothe irritated scalps and make your hair shiny and soft.”

The Verdict: New is a super strong, spicy scented bar. Some people are REALLY turned off by the fragrance of cinnamon, but most people really enjoy the smell and this bar smells STRONGLY of cinnamon and clove. The bar itself is made from SLES, which means it’ll work better in hard water without needing a special clarifying rinse. When you rub it on your hands the lather is tinted red, and then when you lather with it in the hair it tingles the scalp. I like to let it sit for a minute before rinsing to really stimulate the blood vessels in the scalp and get the full benefits. Since using this I have noticed my hairfall is greatly reduced, back to only a few strands where before it was giant clumps that wouldn’t stop coming out! I’ve also noticed that my hairline is growing back in and the length of my hair has increased a bit, where before using I was having difficulty getting my hair to grow and my hairline was slowly receding. It also lasts forever, way longer than a bottle of shampoo. I’d used this for a month while in the US and it held up extremely well. In all I’d rate this a 4, as the scent can be really off-putting and the tingle can get really strong.

SEANIK: “Soften tangled locks and add oceans of shine with this mineral-rich, volumizing shampoo bar. Seanik is made with ingredients from the sea: softening Irish moss seaweed and Japanese nori seaweed make hair soft as silk from root to tip, and sea salt gives body and volume to hair that tends to fall flat. We’ve also added lemon oil for extra shine, and a sensual blend of floral oils to perfume your hair subtly all day long.”

The Verdict: Seanik smells absolutely gorgeous. I’m serious, it’s like a lovely fresh sea breeze, salty and light and the tiniest bit floral. The bar itself is another SLES bar, which is effective in hard water like mine. The lather, like with New, is tinted the same color as the bar. When you lather it in your hair it actually will make the strands squeak slightly, and it cuts through grease extremely effectively. It’s supposed to be their volumizing and shine boosting bar, and it does both extremely well! There’s a bit of sea salt in the bar which adds texture and volume to the hair. The lemon oil cuts through sebum and dirt and leaves a wonderful shine. Like the New bar, it’s really long lasting; I’ve used mine for a week and it still looks brand new. In all I’d rate this one a 5: it’s a fantastic product and I’m going to probably buy like five more so I can hoard it if they ever stop selling it.

JASON AND THE ARGAN OIL: “On a quest for stronger, shinier, softer hair? Look no further! This luxurious Rose Jam-scented bar will help you achieve all your hair aspirations. Gorgeous Moroccan argan oil in a moisturizing glycerin base leaves hair smooth and shiny, and our fresh and sophisticated lemon-rose perfume will linger in your locks all day long.”

The Verdict: This is a VERY strongly rose-scented product. Again SLES-based, but unlike the others there was grittiness to the lather which I assume is due to the argan oil and glycerin. Lather is tinted pink, as the bar is colored fuchsia. I didn’t really notice any difference to my hair after using this product, but the smell isn’t as overwhelming when hair is dry and is much more pleasant. I give this one a rating of 3.5 out of 5; the smell can be off-putting if you’re sensitive like I am and while the product is long lasting I don’t like that there’s a weird grittiness to the lather.

As for the storage tins, they’re well-worth the investment. The fit of the bars in the round tins is tight but manageable if your bars have clean edges. I only got them to store my bars when I’m rotating them out and for travelling so for me, they’re serviceable. I’m extremely happy with my purchases and I’ll definitely be trying my hand at DIY conditioner bars, as in Europe we don’t have a very wide LUSH selection for those and I want unscented ones (which seemingly don’t exist in the LUSH lineup).


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